Thu, 02 Aug 2012

The Disillusionist: What Is a Spiritual Teacher?

If Morpheus gave group therapy to prepare potential unpluggees for reality and smooth their passage from one realm to the next, it might look something like an Oshana retreat. Read All
Fri, 06 Jul 2012

Wipe UnEnlightened Conceptual Nonsense From Your To-Be-Enlightened Mind

Enlightenment is not as far away as religious tour guides have claimed. Wrong concepts of Enlightenment can be cleared away by getting near to an enlightened person. Read All
Tue, 05 Jun 2012

Misunderstandings of the Enlightenment Process in the Enlightenment Seeking Community

The Enlightenment Process is neither well-taught nor well-understood within the spiritual enlightenment seeking community. Prevalent are confused enlightenment teachings lacking clear understanding and vital... Read All

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